VersaSense offers the world’s first industrial plug-and-play NarrowBand IoT solution

NarrowBand IoT: further stretching IoT network performance

VersaSense has added NarrowBand IoT (NB-IoT) to its network portfolio. NB-IoT extends our portfolio of network technologies, each of which offer tradeoffs in network performance, range, reliability, and deployment styles. The VersaSense product offering is unique in spanning a wide range of wireless connectivity for Industrial IoT. It enables VersaSense to act as a trusted advisor for companies looking to select the right Industrial IoT network for their specific business case.

VersaSense’s early adoption of NB-IoT is enabled by deep technical expertise, which is rooted in a decade of award-winning research at KU Leuven, allowing us to rapidly adopt the latest advances in IoT technology, including the NB-IoT protocol.

World’s first industrial plug-and-play NB-IoT solution

NB-IoT enables organizations to deploy a network of IoT devices, with an excellent trade-off between performance and battery life, that is managed by a telecom operator. The NB-IoT protocol is already deployed all over the world and is supported by most telecom operators. VersaSense is unique in empowering their clients to combine NB-IoT with other network technologies such as SmartMeshIP and LoRa as required to resolve their IoT challenges.

The NB-IoT solution is plug-and-play compatible with VersaSense’s existing portfolio of thousands of sensors. Where other providers might give you a development board, the VersaSense IoT solution enables clients to immediately connect to thousands of sensors and begin generating business value. The VersaSense IoT fabric is the world’s first industrial plug-and-play NB-IoT solution.

Now supporting both LoRa networks & NB-IoT networks in addition to mesh networks

NarrowBand IoT offers better scalability and higher data rates than LoRa networks, tackling the problem of long-range networks that demand higher performance. As NB-IoT is a licensed spectrum technology, we expect that the problems of congestion and scalability can be more effectively managed than with other long-range networks such as SigFox and LoRa. Naturally, those organizations that demand a private and self-managed IoT network, without an operator in the loop, may opt for a long-range LoRa network, or a high-reliability SmartMesh-IP deployment. VersaSense will always recommend the most appropriate IoT network for their client’s needs.

Bringing NB-IoT solutions into the field with major utilities providers

The first NB-IoT clients of VersaSense are major utility providers, who need to connect a large number of devices (such as smart meters, valve position monitors and leak detectors), which are widely distributed geographically and yet require reliable connectivity for centralized monitoring and management.

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