VersaSense Announces The World’s First Industrial Plug&Play NarrowBand IoT Solution

LEUVEN, Belgium, Dec. 13th, 2018 – VersaSense, today announced that the VersaSense IoT Fabric, in addition to SmartMesh IP™ and LoRa, now also supports NarrowBand IoT (NB-IoT) as a network option.

NB-IoT extends our portfolio of network technologies and provides an excellent trade-off between performance and battery life. The VersaSense product offering is unique in spanning a wide range of wireless connectivity options for Industrial IoT, each of which offer trade-offs in network performance, range, reliability, and deployment styles. Supporting the different networking options enables VersaSense to act as a trusted advisor for companies looking to select the right Industrial IoT network for their specific business case.

NB-IoT enables organizations to deploy a network of IoT devices managed by a telecom operator. The NB-IoT protocol is already deployed all over the world and is supported by most telecom operators. VersaSense is unique in empowering their clients to combine NB-IoT with other network technologies such as SmartMesh IP and LoRa as required to resolve their IoT challenges.

“Our first NB-IoT clients are major utility providers, who need to connect a large number of devices (such as smart meters, valve position monitors and leak detectors), which are widely distributed geographically and yet require reliable connectivity for centralized monitoring and management,” said Dr. Nelson Matthys, CEO at VersaSense.

The NB-IoT solution is plug-and-play compatible with VersaSense’s existing portfolio of thousands of sensors. Where other providers might give you a development board, the VersaSense IoT solution enables clients to immediately connect to thousands of sensors and begin generating business value. The VersaSense IoT Fabric is the world’s first industrial plug-and-play NB-IoT solution.


About VersaSense

VersaSense delivers the fabric to power the 4th industrial revolution.

The VersaSense Wireless Fabric consists of software, networking and hardware elements that can be combined to securely deliver sensor data to IoT platforms or enterprise back-end systems. With VersaSense you can IoT-enable your plant or facility in a matter of days and radically reduce the total cost of ownership for industrial sensing and control systems. Plug & play IoT solutions from VersaSense power and secure the Industrial Internet for major industrial, consumer goods, technology and agricultural companies across diverse Industry 4.0 application domains.

As a spin-off of the imec-DistriNet research group at the University of Leuven (KU Leuven), VersaSense builds on a decade-long foundation of leading research in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). For more information visit



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