New Year address by CEO Nelson Matthys

Exciting times here at VersaSense.

Watch the New Year address below by CEO Nelson Matthys:

IoT innovations that make the difference

IoT innovations really drive our company forward! Look at our award-winning IoT Fabric devices, the world’s first industrial plug-and-play NB-IoT solution, and our Fabric Cloud software.

Expand geographically and across industries

We are active in 30 countries and we want to double that this year – both geographically and across industry sectors. Today, VersaSense is trusted by several Fortune 500 companies in automotive, consumer goods, and other markets.

Grow the company at a faster pace

Our business success and financing round enable us to grow our company at a faster pace in 2019. We are looking for 5 enthusiastic, talented persons to further expand our international team.

Start small, acquire results fast, and gain key insights

Contact us to find out how the Industrial IoT can improve your product quality, eliminate waste, or enhance your organizational processes.

We will empower you to start small, acquire results fast, and gain key insights. And when the time is right, we will scale up in order for you to generate business value across your organization.

Generate business value across your organization

Stay tuned to find out about new IoT application deployments that we are performing for customers this year. They will show you how they they help them generate rapid and significant return on investment (ROI).

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