Meet Wilfried Daniels @ VersaSense!

Three years ago, when VersaSense was founded, Wilfried Daniels was working on his PhD at KU Leuven (Engineering – Computer Sciences). His promotor was professor Danny Hughes, who is now also CTO of VersaSense. “My PhD and VersaSense have a lot in common,” says Wilfried, “so the transition between the two went really smooth for me. Even before that, I was a member of the team who won the third prize in the IPSO IoT challenge in the US. Data security and remote software management were essential aspects in my PhD and now in my work at VersaSense.”

Embedded software development

Wilfried is interested in embedded software and its interaction with the underlying electronics. He is a senior developer mainly focusing on the software side of the VersaSense IoT devices. “Specifically, I develop embedded software that captures, processes, and secures sensor data. It involves interfacing with existing and new sensor types that plug into our wireless devices or various radio technologies like Mesh, LoRa, and NB-IoT. Our software enables VersaSense to flexibly deploy and manage our devices from a distance. This is particularly essential for industrial IoT solution deployments, which consist of many IoT devices distributed on various locations. Key in this regard are data security and remote management of devices.”

It is getting ever-more interesting

“My daily work is very interesting, and the industrial scenarios are becoming more diverse and complex,” says Wilfried. “I find it really interesting to integrate a wide range of industrial sensors and work with multiple wireless technologies, such as Mesh, LoRa and NB-IoT. On one hand I follow the evolution of new hard- and software technologies, and on the other hand we incorporate many these technologies into our IoT solutions. Apart from theoretical know-how, I enjoy putting these things into practice in order to make a difference across industries. In addition to working for VersaSense, I like to spend time on electronics in general and electronic gadgets in particular. My other hobbies are photography and playing the guitar.”

One team, complementary skills

Innovation is key at VersaSense, as the company has been awarded multiple times for its disruptive technology developed in Flanders. VersaSense is a dynamic team, and teamwork enables us to reach new milestones. “At VersaSense, new interns or employees can dive into various IoT-related aspects and take up responsibilities in line with their skills and ambitions. Depending on their interests, their tasks may involve both technical and business aspects. Get in touch now to discuss internship and employment possibilities for you.”

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