VersaSense expands product team with Trend analytics, AI and Machine Learning experts

VersaSense is expanding its Industrial IoT platform with Trend Analytics, AI and Machine Learning capabilities. 

The industrial process industry is rapidly evolving towards intelligent distributed sensing systems where significant value is created by enhancing raw data streams with additional data analytics. By executing analytics functionality directly on the edge, decisions can be taken locally and valuable insights can be generated on a per machine or production line basis, without depending on external connectivity.

VersaSense’s unique software stack and Industrial IoT platform is able to instantly control and convert any industrial sensing point into an intelligent data point by enhancing it with plug-and-play data analytics and machine learning functionality in a very easy to use way.

Product team expansion

To support increasing customer demands, we are excited to welcome two software back-end and data analytics experts to our team who will be contributing to productize these capabilities and provide a seamless “sensor to value” experience for our customers. 

Alejandro Torreblanca Fernández and Jesse Smits have recently joined the  VersaSense team. Alejandro and Jesse both combine a background in software engineering, mathematics, trend analysis, artificial intelligence and machine learning. 


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