The VersaSense IoT Cloud enable scalable data storage, rich data visualization, customizable business dashboards and flexible alerts, all through an easy to configure interface that requires no programming. The IoT Cloud provides a core Fabric Management service as well as a Data Analysis service, providing for archiving, visualization and alerting.

fabric management

The Fabric Management service handles all management activities with the wireless devices and edge gateways in the IoT fabric in a secure and scalable fashion. It provides for fault monitoring of devices, ensures 24/7 availability, delivers network and system wide health reviews and reporting as well as delivering the all important configuration management of the entire system.

Support and fault management

  • Troubleshooting of data not on gateway
  • Troubleshooting of data not on backend platform
  • Network instabilities
  • Site moves add and changes of devices, gateways (logical or physical)
  • hardware and software issues

Performance management

  • Availability, drop and security monitoring
  • Network monitoring: radio link level monitoring and end to end monitoring
  • Battery monitoring
  • Tuning (peripheral, device, network)
  • Sensor periodic calibration check

Configuration management

  • Secure update and upgrade installations
  • Configuration backup
  • Key material backup / security management
  • SSL and certificate management


The Data Analysis service provides the tools that are necessary to store, visualize and process IoT data. Our approach is based on the TICK software stack. The TICK stack consists of an open source core of Telegraf, InfluxDB, Chronograph and Kapacitor, available under the MIT license.

The Data Analysis service includes the following three functionalities:



The Archiving functionality builds on InfluxDB (1), an open-source time series database, which is optimized for the rapid and robust storage and retrieval of time series data. Time-series databases far outperform traditional relational databases for typical IoT queries, allowing them to scale to support many thousands of IoT devices per cloud instance.

(1) InfluxDB – the times series database in the TICK stack,


The Visualization functionality builds on Grafana(2), an open source analysis and visualization suite. Grafana provides easy-to-configure tools for visualizing IoT data using a wide range of graphical widgets. Grafana also supports the export of data in formats such as excel-compatible spreadsheets.

(2) Grafana – the open platform for analytics and monitoring,



The Alerting functionality builds on Kapacitor (3), a real-time data processing engine. Kapacitor provides a simple, yet powerful system for configuring alerts based upon IoT data and trends. Kapacitor connects easily to all core communication channels including email, SMS and Slack to support rapid management responses to changing operational conditions.

(3) Kapacitor – the real-time data processing engine in the TICK stack,

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