Connecting unconnected Assets

At VersaSense we’ve solved one of the hardest puzzels first: how do you give every-thing a voice? Including places where you have no access to a local network, or rely on a power source. By using a very small physical footprint, being battery powered, and using low power network technologie (eg NBIoT), the VersaSense solution can be applied in the most challenging locations.

The second puzzle we solved was how do we make IoT more flexible? So we can experiment, fail fast, and iterate to create as much value as possible in as little time as possible. True Plug&Play sensors, a self-organising network, and a complete end-2-end solution from sensor to application are just some of the award winning characteristics of our platform.


Benefits of the VersaSense IoT solutions

The VersaSense solution provides a breakthrough in functionality for unconnected sensing and control systems. It provides unique benefits that enable enterprises to implement next generation Industry 4.0 solutions in a timely and cost-effective way:


Radically lower TCO

Radically lower Total Cost of Ownership

Up to ten times less expensive than traditional wired industrial monitoring solutions. NO PLC integration necessary if you don’t need one!

Plug & Play

Plug & Play

Plug & play sensors and actuators are fully self-identifying, requiring no manual configuration and install in a matter of minutes.

Ultra Low Power

Ultra low power

Best-in-class energy management and networking results in battery life up to 10 years.

Flexible Networking

Flexible networking

Choice of low power networking technologies to offer both 99.999%
reliability as well as nationwide coverage, depending on
the application requirements.

End-to-end Security

End-to-end security

Strong end-to-end security is achieved through certified cryptography, to guarantee confidentiality and integrity, with next generation key management and certified code updates.



Out-of-the-box compatible with thousands of existing sensors and actuators, as well as with major IoT back-end platforms.

the end-2-end VersaSense stack

Sensors & Motes

How do you easily capture data? By building great sensors that everyone can use. In order to have a truly reliable plug&play IoT solution, VersaSense has a set of in-house sensors. These range from simple temperature, light, infrared, accelerometer, … sensors to the somewhat more sophisticated ones for vibration analysis, high-resolution current loop, or even ModBus interfaces.

Whenever there is a need for a specific sensor, the VersaSense motes also have universal connector peripherals that can be programmed to support any 3rd party sensor … if it’s not already supported in the library of over 3000 known compatible sensors.

Next to our plug&play motes that can have up to three peripherals connected, we also have an IP67 ruggedized version for tougher environmental conditions. All motes are running the same hardware and software internally.

True Edge Analytics

Where is the edge? For a lot of solutions out there it’s merely a decentralisation of the compute servers away from the datacenter into the production environment. For VersaSense it’s building applications that run inside the actual peripheral. Bringing the intelligence into the sensor! This way we can send calculated results to the platform rather than raw data. This is the key to lowering bandwidth usage and saving battery life.

Low power reliable networks

Your WiFi network is not covering your entire area. You can’t pull network cables into the wild. Maybe you are not even the owner of the site where your assets are located. These are just some of the well known hurdles for people who have tried to implement real IoT solutions. VersaSense supports a range of low power network to easily overcome any network challenge.

Another reason for using these networks is specifically to be able to support a battery powered device for a very long time. Nobody wants their sensors to be connected to a chatty network like WiFi and 3G/4G just to replace the batteries every other week. Using low power networks like NBIoT for example can give you battery lifetimes of several years.

Centralised Device Management

There are two ways of dealing with your devices out there; you either have to hack it together, or you get an overly complicated and very expensive asset management framework, usually programmed by expensive consultants in a PLC based environment. VersaSense wants to provide that reliability and security of an enterprise platform, but keeping it affordable with a greatest ease of use.

All your peripherals, devices and network components are in one overview, the peripheral applications can be changed from the central plane, and all devices are updated over the air in a simple web based management page.

Embedded Dashboards and Alerts

Many IoT platforms are designed to support the most complex problems in the world possible. Unfortunately going all the way makes these systems hard to manage (or learn) and expensive. At VersaSense we have noticed that in reality not all IoT problems with a very high value need this kind of complexity.

Whether you want to monitor the temperature of a cooling cell in a hospital, the uptime/downtime of your machines or the quality metrics of your end product, sometimes a simple dashboard to share with the team and a couple of email alerts are more than sufficient.

Reporting (coming soon)

Yes, we hear you! Although having life dashboards to view and share, and alerts that make you act fast on what is happening are very important, sometimes you just want a weekly report in your mailbox on Monday or a summarized events log to share with the next shift. We get it. In 2020 we will be bringing a reporting section to the solution!

Enterprise Integrations

Sometimes your solutions does fit together with other initiatives of the company. Maybe on a global scale you already have an OSIsoft PiServer infrastructure with some advanced predictive analytics software that can benefit as well from the VersaSense data. Sometimes you just need a copy of all your production data in a data lake. VersaSense has a set of enterprise integrations at the ready. Our entire solution is also API based which potentially connects to anything out there we currently do not support ourselves.

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