VersaSense IoT Fabric

Today’s Challenges

  • Old-style sensing solutions are cumbersome and costly to develop, deploy and maintain
  • In-house development of industrial IoT solutions requires deep embedded development and hardware integration skills
    • Hardware integration is costly
    • Low-level programming is time consuming
  • Scarcity of developers with skills in security and power management
  • Poor integration with cloud and standard ICT


Benefits of the VersaSense IoT Fabric

The VersaSense Wireless Fabric provides a breakthrough in functionality for industrial sensing and control systems. It provides unique benefits that enable enterprises to implement next generation Industry 4.0 solutions in a timely and cost-effective way:


Radically lower TCO

Radically lower Total Cost of Ownership

Up to ten times less expensive than traditional wired industrial monitoring solutions.

Plug & Play

Plug & Play

Plug & play sensors and actuators are fully self-identifying, requiring no manual configuration and install in a matter of minutes.

Ultra Low Power

Ultra low power

Best-in-class energy management and networking results in battery life up to 10 years.

Flexible Networking

Flexible networking

Choice of networking technologies to offer both 99.999%
reliability as well as multi-kilometer range depending on
the application requirements.

End-to-end Security

End-to-end security

Strong end-to-end security is achieved through certified cryptography, to guarantee confidentiality and integrity, with next generation key management and certified code updates.



Out-of-the-box compatible with thousands of existing sensors and actuators, as well as with major IoT back-end platforms.

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