The VersaSense software stack

This video shows the open and standards-based VersaSense software stack in action.

Inside the VersaSense Wireless Device

This video talks about the features of the VersaSense hardware platform: the first truly plug-and-play IoT fabric to capture sensor data and deliver it to backend systems or IoT Platforms.

Introduction to the VersaSense IoT Fabric

This video provides a short introduction to the VersaSense technology, the world’s first truly plug-and-play and secure system for wireless sensing and control.

Introducing the SmartMesh IP network concept used in the VersaSense IoT solution

Randall Restle, Vice President of Applications Engineering at Digi-Key Electronics, presents New Product Discoveries from Initial State and VersaSense. The section on VersaSense starts at the 2minute stage

Introducing the VersaSense Evaluation & Development Kit

Bobby, an AE Technician with Digi-Key, does an unboxing and set-up of the VersaSense Evaluation & Development Kit (SmartMesh IP)

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