MicroPnP IoT Suite Documentation

General documentation
  • Getting Started Guide: PDF
  • Full product catalogue: PDF
  • MicroPnP Sensor Interfaces Conversions Guide: PDF
  • White papers: coming soon
  • VersaSense IoT Cloud: coming soon
Software development APIs
  • RESTFul API: link
  • WebSockets API: PDF

Development and evaluation kits:

  • K01: MicroPnP Development kit (SmartMesh-IP): PDF
  • K02: MicroPnP Development kit (SmartMesh-IP) without batteries: PDF

Network Gateways

  • M01: MicroPnP Wireless Gateway (SmartMesh-IP): PDF

Wireless Devices:

  • Pxx: MicroPnP Wireless Device (SmartMesh-IP): PDF
  • Lxx: MicroPnP Wireless Device (LoRaWAN): PDF


  • Z01: MicroPnP Secure Programming Peripheral: PDF
  • S01: MicroPnP Passive Infrared Presence Sensor: PDF
  • S02: MicroPnP Accelerometer: PDF
  • S03/S04: MicroPnP Temperature and Humidity Sensor: PDF
  • S05: MicroPnP Microphone: PDF
  • S06: MicroPnP Barometric Pressure Sensor: PDF
  • S10: MicroPnP Light Sensor: PDF
  • S11: MicroPnP RFID Reader: PDF
  • S13: MicroPnP DC Power Monitor And Relay: PDF (datasheet available soon)
  • S14: MicroPnP AC Power Monitor And Relay: PDF
  • S15: MicroPnP Surface Temperature Sensor: PDF
  • S16: MicroPnP Ultrasonic Distance Sensor: PDF
  • S17: MicroPnP Infrared Object Detection Sensor: PDF (datasheet available soon)
  • S19: MicroPnP Buzzer Actuator: PDF
  • S23: MicroPnP Memory Display: PDF
  • S24: MicroPnP Current Loop (4-20mA) Interface: PDF
  • S25: MicroPnP DC mV Sensor: PDF
  • S26: MicroPnP pH Sensor: PDF
  • S27: MicroPnP Oxygen Gas Sensor: PDF
  • S28: MicroPnP Ammonia Gas Sensor: PDF
  • S29: MicroPnP Ethylene Oxide (VOC) Gas Sensor: PDF
  • S30: MicroPnP AC Current Monitor using Clamp: PDF (datasheet available soon)
  • S31: MicroPnP AC/DC mV Sensor: PDF (datasheet available soon)
  • S32: MicroPnP RTD/thermistor Interface: PDF (datasheet available soon)
  • S33: MicroPnP Strain Gauge Interface: PDF (datasheet available soon)
  • S34: MicroPnP Button Interface: PDF (datasheet available soon)
  • S35: MicroPnP Pulse Counter Interface: PDF (datasheet available soon)
Application notes
(documentation available soon)