On a mission to give any industrial asset a voice

Mission statement

A leading provider of Enterprise IoT solutions

VersaSense is a leading enterprise IoT software provider of edge-to-cloud solutions for a variety of industrial use cases. Our solution stack comprises a range of adaptable software and hardware components, forming a comprehensive set of tools to quickly realise full-scale, enterprise-level IoT solutions. This approach delivers greater efficiency and cost-effectiveness compared to conventional solutions.

Our product portfolio combines versatile IoT hardware and software with edge and cloud-based analytics services to empower enterprise customers with real-time insights, analytics, and AI in their industrial operations.

Today, VersaSense products are used by enterprise customers over 35 countries worldwide, including several Fortune 500 companies active in diverse industry domains. We are active in heavy manufacturing environments, fast-moving consumer goods, petrochemicals, energy, utilities and agriculture.

our story

Experts with award-winning IoT technology

VersaSense was founded as university spin-off company in 2016, combining advanced technological and seasoned business expertise. Over the last decade, we performed multiple years of leading applied and academic research on IoT technologies, in which we gained tremendous amounts of practical experience in deploying our innovative technology within industrial scenarios.

Enterprises, who were previously struggling with all kinds of complexities of IoT, could more easily and reliably connect their assets and securely bring them online into the IoT via our solutions. Today, we take our original vision further thanks to our dedicated team and the crucial feedback and support we receive from our customers.

As spin-off of KU Leuven university and imec, we leverage years of expertise on Industrial IoT, both from a hardware and a software perspective. We know how to swiftly roll out various kinds of low-power wireless Enterprise IoT networks, how to make them secure, integrate sophisticated sensors with edge analytics, while connecting the resulting data streams to leading 3rd party back-end and historian systems.

VersaSense is headquartered in Leuven, Belgium, and has offices in Girona, Spain.