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Protect against unplanned downtime.

Gather the right equipment insights and protect your industrial operations against unforeseen equipment failure.

-- The problem

Reliability. A key challenge in manufacturing operations.

It is estimated that industrial manufacturers lose a staggering €40 Billion every year due to unplanned downtime. Maintenance expenses make up anywhere between 20-40% of total production costs where only 20% of machine failures are age-related. Using VersaSense solutions for machine health monitoring, you can monitor and predict unforeseen machine failures in the most harsh industrial environments.

-- Our solution

Install. Diagnose. Report.

Install sensors

Simply mount intelligent plug and play sensors such as vibration or temperature on your industrial assets. The sensors will form a robust network, start measuring and feature extraction and forward upstream to analytics.

Monitor, predict, alert

Simply indicate a training period and the VersaSense analytics platform will automatically process all captured data to establish trends and anomalies, fire off alerts, and generate relevant reports.

Diagnose and improve

Use available detailed data to troubleshoot issues and plan maintenance tasks. Link generated insights with maintenance activities and prevented faults. Refine thresholds and analytics recommendations.

-- Immediate benefits

Everything you need for predictive maintenance at scale.

24/7 monitoring and predictions

Instant analytics

Empower your maintenance teams with long term trend analysis of equipment status in the form of periodic health reports. The reports provide an overview of the machine pool and associated failure risk assessment. This allows the maintenance team to schedule interventions well in advance instead of fighting immediate issues.

In addition, your maintenance teams can record activities in the equipment log enabling the VersaSense CBM/Predictive Maintenance solution to learn from maintenance experts and improve its analytics prediction capabilities.

Installation and configuration

Easy to set up

Getting results from analytics requires both high-quality data and effective learning. To learn about nominal machine conditions a training or learning period should be scheduled after equipment maintenance when machines are healthy. The VersaSense CBM/Predictive Maintenance analytics engine allows automatic (re)training at user-specified moments, without further intervention.

The VersaSense CBM/Predictive Maintenance solution inspects all data as it flows into the analytics engine for gaps, sensor misconfigurations, downtime and stale data. Data quality is automatically assessed and reported. Major exceptions, such as missing or suspicious data in the training phase are flagged immediately.

The VersaSense CBM/Predictive Maintenance solution includes all VersaSense Platform features such as infrastructure configuration management and monitoring, support for multiple sites, user management and connections with historians or IT-centric systems such as Microsoft Azure and open standards like MQTT.

-- Customer testimonials

Reaching new heights.

Customers in over 40 countries are using VersaSense to get the insights they need.