Understand your environmental footprint

Track and control industrial emissions such as gas, VOCs, noise or particulate matter and demonstrate environmental sustainability.

Emissions. A threat for health, safety and environment.

Safeguarding employee health and minimizing environmental impact are essential aspects of sustainable industrial operations. However, many companies struggle to accurately quantify and track their emission footprint. Using VersaSense, you can precisely gain insights in your various Health, Safety, and Environmental (HSE) parameters that compose your environmental footprint.

emission monitoring using iot technology

Particulate Matter, Noise, Gas or VOCs

Monitoring Particulate Matter (dust) concentrations is vital to protect workers and the local community from health risks, while regular assessment of noise levels helps prevent hearing loss and adverse health effects. 

Measuring gas and VOC emissions allows to identify emission sources and implement appropriate control strategies.

implement continuous emission monitoring in minutes

Gain insight in your environmental emission parameters.

Silos and heavy metal pipes of an industrial plant, Chemical industrial industry
Gas and VOCs

Make the invisible visible, and track various chemical substances and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). We support a variety of gas molecules, including NH3 (Ammonia), EtCl, SO2, HCHO (Formaldehyde), or BTEX.

Particulate Matter (Dust)

Detect Particulate Matter (PM) of various sizes, including PM1.0, PM2.5, PM4 and PM10 in real-time. Track how dust particles spread across your facility, and correlate with your industrial operations.

Rotating machines such as pumps installed inside a factory environment
Sound and Noise

Monitor sound and ambient noise emissions to protect your employees and understand your impact in your neighbourhood. Apply and evaluate countermeasures, and benchmark those against governmental regulations.