Enable Enterprise IoT at scale

Take control of your connected fleet of IoT devices through advanced management and monitoring capabilities

Managing IoT at scale is difficult, we recognise

Managing 1000s of different sensors across several production facilities is complex for IT/OT teams. 

VersaSense offers a purpose-built enterprise IoT platform bringing better visibility, control and monitoring of heterogenous IoT infrastructure towards enterprise teams. With dedicated management templates and the ability to send secure over-the-air updates to your device fleet, you can precisely control and monitor every aspect of your IoT deployment.

Enterprise IoT Platform

Monitoring-as-a-Service for Enterprises

Currently deployed in over 50 countries globally, with customers ranging from small innovative enterprises to large industrial Fortune-500 corporations.

Enterprise-grade, open and secure

Open to both VersaSense as well as third party IoT sensors, the VersaSense platform provides everything required to concurrently and securely manage and control multiple IoT applications spanning across enterprise locations and used by different organizational teams.

Lightning-quick time to insights

Easily activate new sensor data points and connect with automated analytics, alerting, and dedicated visualization functionality in minutes. This allows enterprises to quickly generate value and concentrate on what really matters.

Compatible with industrial and business platforms

Seamlessly integrate your sensor data and processed analytics results with a wide range of industrial, IT, and business platforms.

Unified IoT fleet management

Simplify management of your install base of IoT sensors. Regardless of the underlying IoT technology (LoRaWAN, SmartMesh, NB-IoT, or WiFi), we offer fine-grained management control of all aspects of your multi-site IoT deployments.

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Monitoring & Management

Take full control over your IoT fleet

Securely monitoring and managing the different elements of your IoT infrastructure is complex. Sensor devices, connectivity, gateways, and associated cloud infrastructure exhibit their own characteristics and behaviour.

VersaSense creates order in the chaos of IoT technologies, and provides a unified management platform to securely onboard, configure, and update all software functionality regardless of the underlying connectivity mechanism or device technology used. 

Instantly connect with IT/OT platforms

Integrate with leading industrial historians and cloud platforms

VersaSense offers to seamlessly integrate all collected data and processed analytics results with major industrial historians and cloud platforms in just minutes using our wide selection of pre-built software integrations.

VersaSense platform connectors to leading industrial and cloud platforms, AVEVA OSISoft PI, InfluxDB, Databricks, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Aspentech, Grafana, SAP
Visualize, Alert, Report

Understand your data

Data from a wide range of VersaSense or third-party sensors can be ingested in the platform. Sensors data series result in datapoints that are stored in the time-series database for further analysis. New datapoints can be merged with existing ones, enabling continuous time series when changing devices or communications. This results in a unified view on data regardless of vendor or technology.

Every IoT use case may possess different requirements regarding data, analytics, alerting, visualization and reporting. The VersaSense platform has extensive data visualisation capabilities to provide for quick and easy interpretation of sensor data. For application users, the VersaSense platform offers the ability to easily build custom dashboards, create alerting rules, or generate dedicated data reports.

For infrastructure teams, the VersaSense platform provides out-of-the box real-time and periodic reports on infrastructure health, such as device batteries, connectivity statistics or network performance. This allows your teams to arrange for periodic battery maintenance or network troubleshooting.