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Create the right insights for your industrial assets

Intelligent Monitoring as a Service solutions, from simple parameter tracking to advanced asset insights, delivered across any domain and interoperable with your existing OT/IT infrastructure.

Trusted by industry leaders and innovators worldwide

90% of industrial assets are MISSING OUT ON insights

-- We deliver those

Predictive Maintenance

Predictive Maintenance

Environmental Emissions

Environmental Emissions

Production Quality

Production Quality

Any Asset, Any Insight

Add real-time visibility and AI-enabled insights to your operations in less than a day

We help organizations of all sizes acquire insights on what matters using our disruptive IoT technology.

-- Monitor what matters

Intelligent Sensing as a Service

VersaSense offers low-power intelligent sensing solutions that are designed to work in the toughest industrial environments. Our technology suite combines plug&play sensors with best-in-class ultra-reliable, ultra-secure low-power mesh networking solutions and long-range and infrastructure-free wireless IoT technologies.

-- Built-in End-to-End solutions

Analyse and Act

Unlock immediate asset intelligence through our ready-made software solutions. Create automated reports, employ tailored analytics, and gain a comprehensive understanding of the current state of affairs.

-- Integrated Analytics and Reporting

Alert, Report and Integrate

Integrate easily with your existing infrastructure. Connect sensor data, predictions, and alerts to various major cloud and on-premise platforms in just a few clicks. 

Industries Served

VersaSense is the trusted partner providing IoT-based Monitoring-as-a-Service Solutions for a variety of industrial use cases.

Heavy Manufacturing

Chemicals & METALLURGY



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