Monitor what matters

Intelligent IoT-based Monitoring as a Service solutions, from simple parameter tracking to advanced AI-enabled asset insights, delivered across any domain and interoperable with your existing OT/IT infrastructure.

Globally trusted by industry leaders

VersaSense is the trusted partner providing IoT-based Monitoring-as-a-Service Solutions for industry leaders in over 30+ countries.

90% of all industrial assets are missing out on insights

Quickly roll-out our award-winning IoT-based Monitoring-as-a-Service solutions to deliver key insights on any industrial asset of interest. Maximize operational efficiency and make informed decisions by seamlessly integrating our cutting-edge technology, ensuring that your business stays ahead in the rapidly evolving industrial landscape.

Intelligent Wireless Vibration sensor monitoring an industrial machine, running advanced AI models to predict machine health.

Predictive Maintenance

Emission Monitoring

Production Insights

A wireless mesh-based sensor installed on a machine used to intelligently predict machine health through vibration analytics

Instantly add real-time visibility and AI-enabled insights to your operations​

We assist organizations of all sizes in obtaining valuable insights through our innovative IoT technology. Our flexible IoT platform and sensor technology combines plug&play sensing with AI-powered analytics, and allows companies to quickly start with a single solution and progressively deploy additional solutions that generate added value over time.

Predictive maintenance in heavy manufacturing

Customer Success Stories

Discover how Unilin Panels uses VersaSense to tackle unplanned downtime across their chipboard production plants.

Machine Health

Failure Prediction

Condition Alerting

Award-winning IoT technology for your unaddressed monitoring challenges

True plug&play Sensing

Intelligent Sensing as a Service​

VersaSense offers ultra-low power intelligent sensing solutions that are designed to work in the toughest industrial environments. Our award-winning IoT technology combines true plug&play sensors with best-in-class ultra-reliable, ultra-secure low-power mesh networking solutions and long-range and infrastructure-free wireless IoT technologies.

True plug&play Wireless IoT devices from VersaSense
Built-in End-to-End solutions

Analyze and act

Unlock immediate asset intelligence through our ready-made software solutions. Create automated reports, employ tailored analytics, and gain a comprehensive understanding of the current state of affairs. Empower your team with real-time data, facilitating proactive decision-making and ensuring your industrial assets operate at peak performance levels.

Integrated Analytics and Reporting

Alert, report, integrate

Integrate easily with your existing OT/IT infrastructure. Connect sensor data, predictions, and alerts to various major cloud and on-premise platforms in just a few clicks. We offer out-of-the-box support for seamless integration with  several existing platforms such as AVEVA (OSISoft) PI, Microsoft Azure IoT, SAP and others. Our solutions are designed to easily connect and synchronize with a variety of industry-standard platforms, ensuring a hassle-free and efficient integration process.

VersaSense platform connectors to leading industrial and cloud platforms, AVEVA OSISoft PI, InfluxDB, Databricks, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Aspentech, Grafana, SAP

Industries Served

VersaSense is the trusted partner providing IoT-based Monitoring-as-a-Service Solutions for a variety of industrial use cases.

Heavy Manufacturing
industrial facility with different sources of emissions
Chemicals & Metallurgy
Production Insights on consumer goods production line.
Consumer Goods
Food Industry